Company Profile:
Herman Design and Construction has been building homes and relationships in coastal San Diego continuously since 1984. HDC began as a design-build company. Gregg Herman finished his architecture degree from UC Berkeley, summa cum laude in 1979. In the beginning, HDC completed many homes as well as remodels during its first ten years of operation. HDC began to focus on building relationships with La Jolla realtors and their clients to help them see the potential for their homes. As HDC moved into more challenging projects over the last fifteen years, we have focused on helping architects and homeowners. Our unique expertise allows us to recommend solutions, spot opportunities, predict costs and see obstacles while supporting the designer and homeowner’s vision.

Gregg is personally involved with every project. For this to happen, Gregg only takes on a set number of projects at  time to assure quality and timeliness. Gregg is assisted by experienced craftsmen, supervisors,  and skilled sub contractors. Most of our sub contractors have been with us for ten to fifteen years.

Amy manages the office, along with Maria Trapasso who has been with us for 19 years. Their meticulous accounting and attention to regulatory compliance provides the transparency that assures the clients and architects that their ideas and budgets will be respected and achieved. We offer fixed bidding or construction management options which consistently delivers good value.

HDC is 100% referral based. We depend on satisfied enthusiastic clients, architects, and sub contractors. We look forward to helping each client enjoy the process as they build their dream with confidence and trust in Herman Design and Construction.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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