Mar Vista

Location: Mar Vista, Solana Beach

This new home of over 4000 square feet is on three levels, all of which open to amazing views.  Some of the features of this innovative home includes:

  • Floating ‘rain screen’ type exterior wood and cement board siding for energy efficiency
  • Exterior decks incorporate stainless steel frames and cable rails
  • A structural steel framework for the house allows large expanses of glass and thick floors/decks
  • All three levels incorporate multi-slide full height glass walls to open to the views
  • Bamboo flooring is ecologically sensitive
  • A glass walkable floor in the master brings light into the living room
  • Stainless steel countertops for durability
  • Alcohol burning fireplace cartridges required no view blocking flues or surrounds
  • Large pivot doors/walls open to provide front entry

ARCHITECT: Lorcan O’ Herlihy (LOHA) of Los Angeles